Why is the Ford Falcon Ute such a great summer cruiser?

December 2, 2016 4:04 am | sunshineford.com.au

Have you ever owned a ute? If you have, you'll know just how practical they are, and how much use you get out of the big tray in the back, whether or not you put a tonneau cover on it. Some people just don't see the need for a big, heavy four-wheel-drive ute in their driveway or garage now though, so they settle for a smaller sedan. You don't get the same practicality from a sedan, however, which is where the Ford Falcon Ute excels.

Approximately the same size as a sedan (although a little longer to accommodate the large tray), the Ford Falcon Ute sits low to the ground, and is a two-door beast. Armed with a range of fantastic engine options and plenty of technology, this car will likely beat your current space-filling sedan in almost all areas. Don't believe us? See for yourself.

What's under the hood?

There are three engine options in the Ford Falcon Ute – an LPG-powered one, and two petrol-powered variants, one with a turbocharger. All three engines are 4.0-litre blocks, but they produce different power and torque, so depending on your needs, you can choose the most appropriate one.

The LPG engine throws down 198 kilowatts of power and 409 Nm of torque. The non-turbo petrol engine produces 195 kilowatts of power and 391 Nm of torque, and the turbo engine gets out a massive 270 kilowatts of power and 533 Nm of torque. With a turbo engine, you'll also feel the speed off the line, and hear the whistle of a turbocharger spooling up when you put your foot down. Car enthusiasts can't turn their noses up at such a powerful engine!

And inside the cabin?

This is the most advanced Ford Falcon Ute ever.

In recent times, the Ford manufacturers have made a real effort to modernise the interiors of their cars to keep up with competitor models. They've achieved exactly that, with a colour touch-screen that features multi-zone climate control and all the connectivity you'll need to enjoy every ride, no matter the distance.

This is the most advanced Ford Falcon Ute ever, and it'll speak for itself when you step inside.

To see for yourself just how much fun (and how practical) the Ford Falcon Ute will be for your summer adventures, make sure you head into the Sunshine Automotive Ford dealership in Queensland today. Once you see how useful the tray can be, you won't want to buy anything else.