Why should the Volvo XC70 be your next adventure car?

December 19, 2016 5:48 pm | sunshinevolvo.com.au

Have you ever bought a new car that you thought was perfect, only to find after a few months, and a change of season, that it's not quite as great as you imagined? There's no fear of that happening with the Volvo XC70, because from the factory, you can choose virtually every little option and make sure it ticks every box on your list.

From the design of the seats to how well ventilated they are, and even what sort of cabin lighting you install, the Volvo XC70 has a range of options for virtually everything.

How can you customise the interior?

You can also select ventilated leather to keep your body cool, even if you're seated for hours on end.

Starting with the cabin and focusing on passenger and driver comfort, you can select different types of seat to suit your driving style. There's an ergonomically designed one that is ideal for longer journeys and people that require a little more back and shoulder support on their trips. Another option is the dynamic seat, which is more heavily cushioned and shaped to be snug on the body. Around tight corners, it'll keep people in place.

You can also select ventilated leather to keep your body cool, even if you're seated for hours on end. No sweat, literally.

In typical Volvo fashion, the customisation doesn't stop there. Install a heat-reducing windscreen to keep the car cool when it's out in the sun all day – perfect for the Australian climate. If you're travelling and don't want to miss out on your favourite TV show, choose the digital receiver package. This allows you to get satellite reception around the country so you can stay up-to-date when you're taking a break from driving.

What's under the hood?

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A five-cylinder turbocharged diesel block lies under the bonnet, and produces 162 kilowatts of power and 440 Nm of torque. As the Volvo XC70 is an all-wheel-drive, it can get you where you need to go, and as a diesel, it's a great car for towing.

Whether you need to sleep in the back, get your family up the mountain for a day of skiing, commute everyday or take it on long road trips, the Volvo XC70 will handle it easily.

The Volvo XC70 is a masterpiece of adventuring design and engineering for comfort. To get a taste of just what this car is capable of, head into the Sunshine Automotive Volvo dealership in Queensland today and take one for a test drive. For years and years this car has been an integral member of the Volvo family, and when you're behind the wheel, you'll see why.