What makes the Volvo V40 T5 so hard to pass up?

January 6, 2017 5:28 pm | sunshinevolvo.com.au

How familiar with the Volvo range are you? If you know your Swedish cars from your German ones, you're probably familiar with the Volvo V40 T5. It looks great, it has grunt and it's comfortable, in typical Volvo style.

But have you bought one yet? You might be waiting around for a sporty family wagon, but you don't know which of the current crop on the market will work for you. Well, we think it's the Volvo offering, and there are plenty of reasons to love this car.

How does the Volvo V40 T5 perform?

Under the hood of this punchy station wagon is a turbocharged four-cylinder block that pumps out 180 kilowatts of power and 350 Nm of torque. That's a lot of pulling power for a car with a kerb weight of only 1,352 kilograms, and you'll feel it when you put your foot down.

The Volvo V40 T5 is a part of the R-Design wing of the Volvo manufacturing process, which means the engines are more responsive, there are more sleek design features, and the car holds the road a lot better than the stock models. A great word to describe the feel of the T5 engine is 'powerful' – when you want to go fast, you'll go fast.

The car is also low to the ground, which is particularly useful around corners at speed. It'll grip like the best cars on the road, and will feel right at home on a track.

What's different about the design of this car?

To start with, 18-inch Diamond-Cut alloys draw a lot of attention to the car in profile. LED headlights in a T-shape make it look aggressive from the front, and a sloped stance at the back means the car looks the business from any angle.

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You'll have to take a look at the car for yourself, though, and when you do, you'll fall in love with the Volvo V40 T5. Step inside the cabin, and you'll want to drive away in it as soon as possible.

Thinking about getting behind the wheel of your very own sports station wagon? The Volvo V40 T5 could be the best option on the market (we think it is) – why not take one for a test drive? Head into the Sunshine Automotive Volvo dealership in Queensland today to do just that, and see what we're raving about.