How Renault has reinvented the wagon

June 8, 2017 9:08 am |

When it comes to wagons, German automakers like Volkswagon and Mercedes-Benz have long been top sellers. But if you want a wagon that mixes it up in terms of design and driveability, look no further than the Megane GT wagon from Renault.

Turbo-powered with a sporty, fun design. The Megane GT wagon performs as well as its German counterparts, while offering an infinitely more exciting, stunning design.

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French driveability on Queensland roads

The Megane GT is front-wheel drive, but has a rear-wheel steering system. What does this mean for drivers? That you're being propelled from the back, which helps with turning and minimises understeering. It also means the GT is very, very fun to drive. You'll feel like you're handling a race car as the back of your car follows closely behind the front, adding a little fun factor in everything from changing lanes down a long stretch of Queensland highway, or parallel parking in town.

The Megane GT is front-wheel drive, but has a rear-wheel steering system.

The GT also features 'drive-select,' which allows drivers to choose from five different modes, including sport and eco. The system checks and alters the steering angle of the rear wheels to ensure a specialised and engaging experience.

When you're driving below 80 km/h in sport mode or below 60/km in other modes, the rear wheels turn opposite those in the front to aid balance and make the car feel more stable. Above these speeds, front and back wheels turn in the same direction.

Top of the line features

Standard features include everything you'd expect from Renault – a rear-view camera, dual zone climate control, satellite navigation, blind spot monitoring, and all-round sensors. The GT even does the thinking for you at times by activating rain-sensing wipers and dusk-sensing headlights.

Design wise, the GT isn't your everyday wagon. It has a much sportier side profile, with a bold airdam at the front, the GT looks more aggressive (in a good way) than its German counterparts.

With plenty of cupholders, cubbies and a decent sized glovebox, the GT is the perfect wagon for someone who has a lot of stuff. Even by wagon standards, the boot is massive, allowing a maximum load length of 2.7 metres.

The boot also offers different arrangements, meaning you can adjust the height of the floor depending on what you're storing. You can even separate the boot into front and back compartments to avoid items sliding around while driving. Hooks and luggage coverings help you transport anything safely and easily.

If you want a wagon that's ideal for big adventures or simply getting around town, you need to check out the Renault Megane GT wagon. The team at Sunshine Automotive would love to help.