Ford’s SUV line continues to impress with the all new Endura

June 27, 2018 9:10 am |,

Ford created one of Australia's best selling cars with the Ranger ute. Their next creation, the all new Ford Endura, hasn't been released in yet but from what we've seen it's likely to be the American marque's next huge seller. 

This mid-sized SUV is fresh from its release in the American market and boasts a mind boggling array of high-tech features, space for the whole family and a finely tuned white knuckle-inducing engine. 

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High tech features galore

An 8-inch colour touch screen sits in the middle of the car's black minimalist dash. This allows you to control and customise most of your driving experience with a tap – or even better – with a few words via voice command. Call to book at your favourite local restaurants, find your way home, turn up the heat or skip to the next song by simply saying the words. 

Make driving easier and safer with adaptive cruise control that senses the car in front and keeps the same distance without any driver input. Stay safer on the motorway with lane-keep-assist, which senses when you're departing your lane without indicating and gently nudges you back on track with automatic steering wheel inputs. 

To keep those around you safer, pre-collision assist assesses hazards around you and if you're heading for a collision it automatically applies the brakes if you don't. Other nifty features include keyless entry, hands free tailgate, and the MyKey system that allows you to assign speed limits and seatbelt reminders to certain keys (perfect for when you lend your car to friends or family). 

All these incredible features make your driving experience so effortless that once you've experienced them you'll never be able to go without. 

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Practical but thrilling

The Ford Endura is designed to make commuting, adventuring and getting around town easier and more convenient. There are five generously proportioned seats allowing the whole family to stretch out, as well as a huge boot big enough to fit camping gear, skis, five or six large pieces of luggage – or whatever you want to throw in it. Cutting edge inflatable seat belts even offer additional safety for whoever's in the back seat.

Despite all that practicality this is still a Ford. You can see proof of that in the 2.0 litre BiTurbo engine that pumps out 154 kilowatts of power and up to 450 Nm of torque. Register your interest so that you're the first to know when the Ford Endura is released, or drop in to Sunshine Ford in Southport today to find out more.