The four most beautiful Aston Martins ever made

June 22, 2018 2:25 pm |,,

It's 1913 inside a tiny automotive workshop in London and two Englishmen with slicked back hair and grease stained shirts are talking excitedly. Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin are discussing their plan to build a beautiful, powerful automobile using Lionel Martin's expertise gained from racing specials at the Aston Hills in Buckinghamshire.

In that hole-in-the wall workshop these two men birthed the most iconic name in British motoring: Aston Martin. These are four of the most beautiful cars they've produced since that day over a century ago.


In the early 1960s the producers of James Bond film Goldfinger made a call to Jaguar requesting an E-Type for Sean Connery to drive in the movie. Jaguar wanted the film's production company to pay for the vehicles, so the producers quickly placed another call to Aston Martin who were more accommodating. 

On that day the DB5's fate was sealed and in 1964, when the film aired, it quickly became the most famous thing on four wheels. Over 50 years later, it's still often referred to as one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Vanquish S

In 2001 Aston Martin replaced their aging Virage range with the pioneering Vanquish. This car wasn't just an overpowered beast, it was also a huge step forward for the British marque's engineering. Its sleek body comprised a bonded aluminium chassis clothed in hand-finished super formed aluminium panels. 

In 2002 Pierce Brosnan got behind the wheel of the Vanquish as James Bond in Die Another Day, cementing the huge success of the car. Today's Vanquish S is a demon on the road, boasting a 6.0 litre V12 engine that produces over 600 horsepower, rocketing the car from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. 


In 2016 the DB11 was Aston Martin's first new model in almost 13 years. Take one look at this luxury road rocket and you'll see why it was worth the wait. Its front end melts upwards, with thin flared LED lights and a narrow grill giving the car an imposing road presence. 

The sides of the car flare outwards above the rear wheels, hinting at its aggressive capabilities. The Aston Martin DB11 is the British marque's sleekest and most modern offering yet, and it's also one of its quickest. 

It's top speed is north of 300 kph and its particularly rapid over the 80-120 kph range, which it rips through in under 2 seconds. 


In the early days, Aston Martin had its fair share of financial struggles. In 1947 an English Industrialist named David Brown bought the company and attempted to turn it around after a difficult period. 

One of his foremost goals was to win the renowned Le Mans 24 hour race. In 1956, Chief Designer Ted Cutting delivered the elegant beast that would achieve that feat for the first and last time for the marque: the DBR1. It's a pure racing car, featuring sleek curves from front to back and a rear mounted 2.5 litre engine open to the air. 

This marvelous piece of English engineering was recognised as the turning point for the company, and the foundation from which it built its iconic name. It's so highly regarded that last year the Le Mans winning DBR1 sold at auction for $22.55 million – becoming one of the most expensive cars of all time. 

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