3 reasons why the Volvo XC60 won World Car of the Year

September 26, 2018 1:42 pm | sunshineautomotive.com.au, sunshinevolvo.com.au

10 years ago Volvo was a synonym for safe but boring, However, over the last decade the marque's vehicles have slowly changed. While they still offer one of the safest drives of any production car, they're now so much more than just a reliable way to get from A to B.

In fact, their new offering, the Volvo XC60 , is one of the most awarded cars of 2018. It even picked up the grand prize in the prestigious World Car of the Year awards, where 82 leading automotive journalists picked it from several high calibre nominations. 

With that in mind, what makes this the best car in the world?

1. It looks incredible

The Volvo XC60 is a great example of the marque's recent design revival. It commands the road with broad muscular haunches that curl over 19 inch alloys, a combination of sharp and curved lines along its sides and thin headlights that melt around its elongated hood. 

It takes cues from modern SUV design but offers a unique vision that's cleaner, more attractive and more distinctive than the competition. 

2. It's packed with technology and thoughtful touches

Luckily the inside of the cabin is just as considered as outside. Real wood, leather and metal accent the spacious interior that boasts a 9-inch voice activated touch screen as its centrepiece. It's uniquely Scandinavian in its beautiful minimalism and effective functionality. 

The Volvo On Call app allows you to connect to your car via smartphone wherever you are and check fuel levels, lock or unlock the doors and even pre-heat or cool the cabin. Waving your foot underneath the rear of the car opens the boot, which is perfect when you have hands full of shopping bags or gear.

If you veer off course whilst driving, the car will quickly recognise your error and provide steering wheel feedback to get you back on track. All these considered touches make driving the Volvo XC60 so easy you'll find yourself relaxing behind the wheel, even in rush hour traffic. 

3. It's fun and safe

Volvos are ridiculously safe, making them perfect family cars. This car is so much more, however. The brawniest version of the Volvo XC60 packs a hybrid electric T8 engine that delivers a walloping 330 hp, propelling the car from 0 to 100 kph in just 5.2 seconds. That's about a second faster than the brand new Porsche Cayenne. 

If you want to experience the World Car of the Year for yourself, drop in to Sunshine Volvo in Southport today for a test drive.