6 exciting new features on the 2019 Ford Ranger

October 30, 2018 4:06 pm | sunshineford.com.au

The 2018 Ford Ranger was unsurprisingly one of Australia's best selling vehicles last year. These beasts are packed with more power, technology and capability than utes and SUVs at more than twice their price point. 

Not one to rest on their laurels, the team at Ford have produced another stellar ute that somehow boasts more smart features and impressive capability than the 2018 model. Here are just six of the countless improvements Ford have made in the new 2019 Ford Ranger.

1. A boldly updated design

Ford's flagship ute has always been one of the most attractive models in its class and the American marque has cemented that reputation with the new Ford Ranger. They've maintained what made the ute so good looking in the first place – smooth lines, muscular shaping and a prominent grille – and added elements to improve it even further. 

The front end has seen the most notable changes, with a raised hood and more substantial bumper hinting at the ute's impressive capability and class-leading power. 

2. New easy lift tailgate

Some car features will turn your knuckles white and make you smile ear-to-ear. Others, like the Ford's new easy-lift tailgate just make life a little more convenient. According to Ford, the tailgate takes 70 per cent less effort to lift and close, so that even if you've got arms full of gear you can easily get it open with one hand. 

3. More luxurious interior 

At the Ford Ranger's relatively modest price point, you wouldn't expect a tech-laden luxury interior, but Ford's been known to defy expectations. They've updated the 8-inch colour touchscreen, added push-button start and included sumptuous leather trim as standard. This ute feels like a luxury SUV but drives like a tough, capable off-roader. 

4. innovative safety features

The 2018 edition already featured a range of safety features from a reverse camera, to lane keep assist and auto high beam. However, the 2019 edition has raised the stakes, adding pedestrian detection and pre-collision assist, which alerts you to obstacles in front of the car and helps you stop automatically.

There's also a new tyre pressure monitoring system that lets you know the exact PSI of every tyre so that you can top them up whenever they need it. 

5. Semi-autonomous parking

Drive into a carpark, select a space on the touch screen in the dash, take your hands off the wheel and let the 2019 Ford Ranger park for you – just control the brakes and the accelerator. This semi-autonomous parking feature is one of the most exciting features the 2019 Ranger has added, one that's near impossible to find in a ute. 

6. Now covered by a five-year warranty

Ford has always been a leader in after purchase care and they've inched further ahead by extending the warranty on the new Ford Ranger to five years or 150,000 kilometres. That's an additional two years of cover compared to the 2018 model, and one of the longest service warranties available in Australia. 

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