Bring the heat with the scorching McLaren 600LT

November 8, 2018 1:01 pm |

Bystanders will burn with envy while watching you drive the smoking hot McLaren 600LT. Friends will spit fire when you leave them for dust on the track. 

You won't even notice. Encased in a thing of beauty, raw and uncompromised power pulsing through it, only the stretch of tarmac ahead and the adrenaline-pumping thrill of pushing your limits will matter. 

Oh, and the flames that flare when you put your foot to the accelerator…

Have we mentioned the flame-throwing exhausts yet?

The McLaren 600LT's dual exhaust outlets are top-exit. However, despite how dramatic this looks, this isn't what steals the show.

Under full load, watch them shoot blue flames skyward, thanks to how short the exhaust length is. As much as it's a novelty, who can really resist? Some indulgences you just need to give in to. 

However, the engineers behind the blaze also had strong reasons to go ahead with this feature. By putting the exhausts on the deck they decreased the distance between the pipe exits and the engine, reducing the number of parts needed (and overall weight of the vehicle too). It also leaves space underneath for a properly functioning diffuser, allowing a level of downforce that just itches to be put to use on the track. 

Don't worry about melting your spoilers either – ceramic coating protects any surface that the flames might touch when travelling at speed.

An upgrade like no other

Any doubts over whether this limited edition power horse is simply a slightly modified McLaren 570S are soon put to rest when examining the McLaren 600LT. This upgrade puts others to shame. 

Impossibly, the marque has managed to shear 100kgs off the already lightweight older model. Every part of this vehicle has been thought through with painstaking care, all unnecessary items stripped away leaving behind a carbon-fibre masterpiece for you to enjoy. 

To match with its 'Longtail' (LT) initials, the McLaren 600LT has 74mm added to its length. As for the specs, it has 441kW of power and 620Nm of torque behind its name, thanks to the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 that it packs. Additionally, at 250km/h (approximately 75km/h below its hair-raising top speed), 100kg of downward force keeps the car's Pirelli tyres firmly gripping the tarmac. 

When it comes to comparing it to the McLaren 570S, no one can doubt that this beast stands on its own four alloy wheels. 

Delivering searing performance 

Times of 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds and 200km/h in 8.2 isn't bad for a car that doesn't prioritise off-the-mark acceleration. In reality, it's downright impressive.

The steering leaves nothing to be asked for, with excellent weighting and response. Braking doesn't even need a second thought, which is understandable with the McLaren Super Series and the Senna getting an input into the design. Neither does the suspension. Stealing from the McLaren 720S, cast alloy wishbones are paired with stiffer springs and damper settings to soak up obstructions. 

However, it's the determined, aggressive driving style that will cause the adrenaline to surge when on the track. Everything about this vehicle engages you. It's direct nature, breath-taking accuracy and precision control demand you to push it to its limits. 

All this performance, and still legal for the road too, when a slower day of driving in style is called for. 

The McLaren 600LT isn't a car to pass up. Its searing capabilities will leave you wondering how you've ever enjoyed driving anything else. Plus, we wouldn't blame you if you're already imagining the sight of those blue flames streaking out behind your vehicle as you race the night around the track. 

Don't miss your chance with this limited edition monument to engineering. Check it out today by visiting the Sunshine Automotive McLaren dealership in Queensland.