Car Finance & Insurance

At Sunshine Automotive, we take pride in our Finance Department’s professionalism and ability to provide loans and products at the most competitive pricing in the car industry. Our objective is to facilitate funding and insurance for your new or used car, that is unique and tailored to your specific personal needs.

With a range of hand-picked world class lenders combined with Australia’s top insurers, you will be as impressed with the financing process as you will be with your choice of car.

Our team of experts in our Finance and Insurance Department (F&I) play a vital role in helping customers obtain the best payment plan with the most attractive financing package available. This enables us to protect our clients from rising interest rates by only using fixed rate lending facilities from our lenders.

Contracts are thoroughly explained and are offered in a professional, descriptive, non-pressured manner. Our finance staff works diligently to maintain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

For the best finance deals on the Gold Coast, send us a Finance enquiry today!!